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Clairvoyant and Best Selling Author Belinda Grace returns Sept. 29th.
Presentation, Workshop and Personal Readings.

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OFF THE SHELF Author Series for 2017
Thursday Evenings during The Downtown Farmer's Market

June 22, Authors Judy Blevins and Carroll Multz
The art of coauthoring novels-both adult and young adult. The interaction, expectations and benefits of collaboration.
June 29, Author Jan Weeks
Christmas in June Theme as Jan talks about her book, A Christmas Tale and Other Stories and her non-holiday book, The Centerville Code.
July 6, Authors Annette and Ada Stadelman
The Authors of 5 Points to PEACE will discuss the five essential actions everyone can and must take to truly find peace in their lives.

Author Gracie Bubulka
The Author will be discussing her book, Beyond Reality, a personal account of the near death experience by a medical professional. Acclaimed by Time Magazine.

July 13, Author Rebecca Carpenter
   The Author will show how the first pages of a book must hook a reader and supply important information to move the story forward. A great presentation for writers.

Author Lucinda Stein
   The Author will discuss the background behind her two latest books. Published by Inkspell Publishing, Jadeite’s Journey and Dry Run, Oklahoma.
July 20, Author Matt Djos
The author will be doing readings from and signing copies of, his book, Like White Scattering Flowers.

Author Helen Sperber
The Author will be discussing her book, The Blue Wildebeest, which follows three life-long friends as they pursue their bucket-lists while vacationing on Cape Cod.

July 27, Author Karen Fricke
The Author will be discussing and doing brief readings from her book of poetry, Beyond Painted Desert.

Author L. Luis Lopez
   The Author will be doing readings and presentation of his soon to be released new book (Scheduled June 21st),  More Musings of a Barrio Sack Boy.
August 3, Author Marcella Martyn

Author Judy Harrington

August 10, Author Edith Johnston
   The Author of Discovering The Intensity of Brilliance, will have a presentation of, "Know Yourself Through the Art of Mandalas".

Author Sherry Ficklin

August 17, Author Karen McKee
Karen will be discussing her two books: Miracle, a novella and In Name Only.

Author Ray Coca

August 24, Author Denae Christine

Author Terry Pickens

August 31, Author Diana Barnett

Author Jan Lawson

September 7, Author Jeff Dershem
"Other Worlds". The Author discusses the plethora of extra-solar planets that we keep discovering.

Author Jim Hale

September 14, Authors Jerry and Phyllis Moorman

September 21, TBA



CRYSTAL Books and Gifts and Linda Nelson
Sundays - 1:00pm - Free

June 25 – Whole Body Wellness – Janelle Mauren – Spinning Tree

Gut Recovery- How to find balance in your inner eco system.
Most of us have the history of taking anti-biotics. We ourselves or someone close to us has received a colonoscopy. More common than we would like to admit, we all know an individual who has gone through chemotherapy. And the ever common stomach flu that cleanses us regardless of desire. Part of life and very common, yet we have rarely been taught how to recover after these situations. One of the biggest areas and most important that gets little attention is your gut.

July 16 – 21 Essential Spiritual Lessons Continued - Linda H. Nelson CHom

Learn the functions of the Hierarchy (Governing Board) of the Earth and how the messengers to mankind are selected and group activity. It also explains how a chela/student may achieve the ascension by successfully completing the various initiations and by performing the required service to God and to mankind.

August 20 – Life Vessel – Linda Bestland LMT

Life Vessel™ all-natural healthcare is a new Class II medical device designed to improve cognitive abilities, enhance immune systems, reduce stress and provide relaxation. Life Vessel™ delivers simultaneous combinations of vibration, sound, infrared, frequency, and light, creating the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy. Recent clinical research suggests that the human body, when able to go into a natural state of relaxation and balance, can produce dramatic results – allowing the body to create natural healing.


Sept. 17 – Clearing Your Family Lineage – Karmel Astarae CNHP

Learn how to clear & heal your family lineage, programs, beliefs and vibrations regarding any imbalance…creating a NEW YOU! Discover how changing your frequencies internally…changes your life externally! As a compliment to Karmel Astarae’s twenty-years of psychic training and experience, she is a Certified National Health Professional, a Medical intuitive, Bio- Energetic Specialist, Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, and offers Empowerment Workshops. Karmel has provided thousands of Bio- Energy Medicine Sessions nationally and internationally. She facilitates life transitions that give you insights and knowledge to reawaken your soul. This event offers powerful combinations to unlock the healing potential to fully enrich your life!

Oct. 15 – Master Mystery Teachings To Raise Your Vibration - For Adults/Children
                Linda H. Nelson CHom and Shayna Wetzel, Children’s Yoga Instructor

We have been given numerous forms of complimentary and alternative healing modalities to help our bodies come into balance. However, what we have found is that as the body raises its vibration we are better able to not only fight disease but we are also able to tap into our 6th senses and become who we truly are which is a spiritual being living in a physical body. Join Shayna Wetzel and Linda Nelson as we explore the numerous modalities to raise our vibration to take us into the next step on our journey into enlightenment.

 CRYSTAL Books and Gifts & Linda Nelson
Presents Complimentary and Alternative Therapies

Sundays at 1:00pm  FREE to the Public



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